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Bonspiel Basics

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Bend Brewspiel 2024
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History of Curling Bonspiels

Curling bonspiels have a rich history rooted in the centuries-old tradition of curling itself. The term "bonspiel" originates from the Scottish Gaelic language, where "spiel" means game or play, and "bon" likely stems from the French word "bonne," meaning good. The first recorded bonspiel took place in Scotland in the 18th century, marking the beginning of organized competitions in curling. Bonspiels quickly gained popularity as a way to foster camaraderie among curlers and different clubs. Over the years, they evolved from informal gatherings to prestigious events, with participants vying for coveted trophies and titles. Today, bonspiels not only uphold the spirit of friendly competition but also serve as vibrant celebrations of the enduring heritage of curling.

Organization and Structure of Curling Bonspiels

Curling bonspiels are organized tournaments that bring together teams from various clubs, creating a festive and competitive atmosphere. Typically held over a weekend or several days, bonspiels consist of multiple games where teams compete to accumulate points or advance through elimination rounds. Each team, composed of four players, takes turns sliding stones towards a target area on the ice, known as the house. The intricate strategy involved in the game, combined with the precision of the players, adds an exciting element to the bonspiel experience. Bonspiels often have specific themes, ranging from casual and fun to more formal competitions, allowing participants to showcase their team spirit through creative uniforms or costumes. Whether seasoned curlers or newcomers to the sport, participants share in the joy of the game and the camaraderie forged on and off the ice. Curling bonspiels are not only a testament to the sport's history but also a dynamic expression of the vibrant curling community's passion and unity.

How to Bonspiel

Registration for Bonspiels are generally months in advance and can fill up quickly. The Bend Curling Club currently has 1 bonspiel per year, generally in November. The closest bonspiels to Bend happen at the Evergreen Curling Club in Portland, OR and at the Granite Curling Club in Seattle, WA. There are also spiels in Northern California and Idaho. 

Bonspiels generally have their own format which can differ based on experience, gender (Men’s & Women’s), full teams of 4 or doubles with 2 people. There are also specific qualifying events for national rankings if you want to compete on a more serious level. 5 and Under bonspiels are common and a great way to play with similarly experienced players if you are newer to the sport. 

Most bonspiels are team registration but many allow for individual registration too*. Individual registration means you will get paired up with other individual players for the bonspiel. 

* Bend Curling Club strongly encourages all members to experieince the fun of bonspieling at different clubs and is committed to helping members get signed up and connected with other team members. We recognize the drive to create our own dedicated ice grows the more people experience playing at dedicated rinks. Please contact us if you need help signing up.

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